DIY DOMAINING MARKETPLACE SERIES: Creating a GitHub repository for your custom domain marketplace.



Before we proceed to PART IV of our DIY Domaining Challenge, I thought it would be a good idea to create an open-source repository, so you can download, tweak and deploy at will in your domaining server. No domaining server ? Clone it locally and look up the upcoming article: Creating the Ultimate Domaining Server, which will be our next series.

I will only make available the deliverable of published parts, expect the entire marketplace to show up in github right after part X.

Right now, you can already see the deliverable for Part I, Part II and Part III.

The repository itself is right here.

GitHub is my favorite place to find interesting projects that can be ported to a webpage or portal, making the domain much more attractive.

If you are not familiar with this sort of versioning control, then the following will be very handy to you:

[Make sure you install at least the Command Line Interface ( also known as CLI ) GitHub prompt and feel free to use visual clients, a good one is Tortoise (we are not affiliated)].

I personally prefer the CLI, and once you have your prompt this is what you want to do:

To clone the project for DEVELOPMENT locally, into your domaining server or local computer, running Git in CLI mode: 

git clone https://github.com/domainoverflow/diy-domaining-challenge.git

Here’s an example of locally cloning the project in a local windows prompt, for development and tweaking purposes.

Here’s an example of cloning it directly into a domaining server, and making it live from dist/ folder without any tweaking:


On the last command above you can see the structure of the repository:

/images will contain images and or videos

/dist will be the live version <– copy this folder into the docroot of your chosen domain within your domaining server

/src will be the source files, this is where you will custom your marketplace, enhance and tweak.

If you are familiar with git, then feel free to create a secondary branch in github with your enhancements, request a pull request and let me know please and it will be merged.

If you plan using only the ready version in dist/ then I’d suggest waiting until the entire series is published so you download all components.

As we progress, I will also link all articles to the Github repository, as you can see here:


The alternative of course would be dotboss.digital, the most complete domain management system ever written. Within dotboss.digital you would be able to design your landers, POS pages using a Website builder tailored for domainers, which includes the ability of deploying open source code without the steep learning curve that usually comes associated with open-source scripts. Feel free to watch our QuickStart videos and see first hand how you would achieve the same as above, by simply dragging, dropping and clicking and you are done !


I hope you will find this useful and get ready for next part, where we will be designing a Admin Dashboard for your Marketplace. That’s the dashboard where you will be assigning pages to domains, Checkout page settings, which will allow you to control your digital portfolio much better. If you want to sell, you need data -and to get data you need to host the domains yourself in your own domaining server. There will be an article, still this month, on how to build your ultimate domaining server.

Questions ? Suggestions ? Please feel free to write them down below within our comment section.

Thanks for reading.






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