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My name is Sergio and I am a full time domain investor as well as a software and computing Engineer.  I enjoy everything that is related to online businesses domain development, digital assets, software development and domaining in general. I’ve spent the last 3 years writing a solution to manage my own digital portfolio, which consists of domains, websites, frameworks, code refactoring and even game saves objects. I’ve learned a lot along the way, and the intention of this blog is to publish tutorials that will hopefully allow non-technical domain investors to have a better control on their valuable digital portfolio. I like everything related to domains. I like registering them. I like buying them and I love making money out of them from the comfort of my own home. But above all, I like the fact we need to research about the domain name, find out its full potential, and to me that’s the most rewarding experience in domaining: You are constantly learning. Learning about your domain names, industries, things and that is because you want to know whom are ALL the possible prospects for that amazingly amazing domain you keep hidden in that excel spreadsheet.

I hope four things with this blog:

I-Share my technical knowledge to other domainers and learn from other domainers.

II-Articles will always present a challenge and a solution that is FREE. However, many of the articles will contain the section ‘Alternative’ where I will present an easier way to achieve the challenge, and it will probably be an explanation on how do you achieve the same but faster using dotboss.digital. I hope you will be OK with this. I will try not to write articles or challenges that do not have a FREE alternative.

III-Convince you that developing a domain can take you to a different level of profit and that you no longer need to be technical nor spend hours looking at a monitor in order quickly develop your domain into something that is beyond the landing page.

IV-Accept requests from you with specific subjects and I will look into it and perhaps accept the challenge.

My most profitable type of digital asset are domains that are developed. There are many ways of monetizing a domain. By far the best result will always be achieved if the domain if fully developed, with a full-on portal and content that is relevant to the domain name. In this manner domains can be monetized via banner Ads from providers such as Google AdSense, Bing Ads and many other venues out there. But domains cannot (profitably) be monetized with simple BuyNow landing pages (unless it’s sold, then yes … but you have a better chance to sell when the domain has a rank, content, traffic, and so on ). By developing the domain you can cut the sales achievements by months or years sometimes.

In the past having landing pages with PPC ( Pay per click ) was very profitable, in fact, to this date there are people making money strictly with parking usually followed by domain sales. But it is no secret that the real money lies within content. A domain which is properly developed does not need much to sell and chances are that you will not be in a rush as a developed domain can bring substantial income anyway. The way I see it: If it doesn’t sell then it might became a business of its own, and that is a very good thing. If you want full stats on this, I’d suggest researching Google’s monthly income based on their Ads model as they are in both sides of the model.

Landing Pages + Parking Versus Fully Developed domains + Real Ads revenue

Domain investors have different strategies and styles. If you hold a very valuable portfolio, say with a bunch of 3-char .coms, chances are that you can sell that domain without any content on it anytime of the day or night, because it’s a liquid domain, it accumulates traffic easy and hence a landing page will suffice to provide the investor a quick return. Type-in traffic still counts. We all agree to that, I think -and sure, a domain like that might still make money with parking. But even a 3-char domain that is fully developed, will have a higher price sold. What if that domain has a real portal or app with subscribers ? You will substantially increase the selling price, naturally. This is where I hope to tease you and showing you that developing a domain doesn’t have to be rocket science and there’s life beyond the landing page… and this is also where I hope you will tell me things that will also make me a better domain investor.

I’ve never written a blog before, and I am looking forward to your feedback.

Thanks for reading.


EDIT: We have express permission from StackOverflow on using DomainOverflow. Although not associated, we highly recommend their boards.


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